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Atty. Charizma Cortez-Catague C.P.A., R.E.A., R.E.B.

I am by training and education a lawyer and a certified public accountant.

I obtained my degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Ateneo de Davao University. I have been a practicing CPA since I passed the CPA licensure examination in 1999.

I obtained my degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Ateneo de Davao University. I have been a practicing CPA since I passed the CPA licensure examination in 1999.

I pursued and completed my degree of Bachelor of Laws at the College of Law of Ateneo de Davao University. I took and passed the Bar Examinations in 2005. The following year, 2006, I took my lawyer's oath and was formally admitted in the Philippine Bar.

By profession, I am also a real estate broker and a real estate appraiser.

Driven by passion, I have been a faculty member of what is now known as the School of Business and Governance of Ateneo de Davao University, where I handle business law and taxation subjects, since 1999. I am also a law professor at Cor Jesu College Law School, where I teach Commercial Law subjects.

Atty. Charizma Cortez-Catague, C.P.A., R.E.A., R.E.B.

Catague Cortez-Catague & Cortez Law Accounting & Realty Firm

Catague Cortez-Catague & Cortez Law Accounting & Realty Firm houses my professional practice and that of Atty. Jerry Catague, my husband. With us during the early stages of our collaborative practice was my brother, Atty. Jose Charito Cortez II, C.P.A.. Currently, Atty. Jong is connected with the Office of the City Prosecutor - Davao City.

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BEP Bldg., Quimpo Boulevard corner Eco W Dr.
Matina, Davao City

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Trial and Litigation
Documentation and Notarization
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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Tax Management
External Audit
Estate Planning

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Real Estate Appraisal
General Brokerage
Project Selling
Property Management

C3 Firm MagShots

C3 Firm MagShots is a compilation of law and jurisprudence dissected and reduced into bite-size pieces for easy digestion. These materials reflect the author’s personal appreciation of statutes and court decisions and the subject matters and principles involved. These are not intended to be used as a reference for any purpose or to be relied upon in any manner. No portion of the content should be taken as professional advice or opinion. For actual and specific concerns, for your own sake, consult qualified professionals.


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